Various anima

The symbol for Anima and Baaj is annotated with the kanji for darkness ( 闇 , yami ? ) . It appears in the middle of Anima's seal that also blocks the player's path to the Baaj Chamber of the Fayth until they meet all the prerequisites for unlocking it. The seal appears whenever the player opens a hidden treasure chest in the various Cloisters of Trials , a clue the player must find the chests to pass through the barrier in Baaj. The glyph also appears at the end of Anima's Overdrive .

Within the whole of Christianity, the Magnificat is most frequently recited within the Liturgy of the Hours . In Western Christianity , the Magnificat is most often sung or recited during the main evening prayer service: Vespers in the Catholic and Lutheran churches, and Evening Prayer (or Evensong) in Anglicanism . In Eastern Christianity , the Magnificat is usually sung at Sunday Matins . Among Protestant groups, the Magnificat may also be sung during worship services, especially in the Advent season during which these verses are traditionally read.

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